Psyched Up or Psyched Out?

Woman Graduatinghave spent the last week working with a group comprised of faculty, adjunct faculty, tutors, practicum supervisors, administrators, students and alumni of the psychology programme at UWI Cave Hill. They provide the teaching, research and underpinning knowledge for those studying psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Honour Thy Father

This week’s article falls within the influence of Father’s Day. On Saturday, I will attend the funeral of a very good father who was taken from us suddenly. When I asked his widow, who is a friend, what I could do to help, she answered, “pray that God will provide me the strength to endure.”

Honorable David ThompsonWhen I cast my mind back to countless other fathers whose passing would have left a void, I can’t but think of the late. Rt. Honourable David Thompson who left a nation to mourn. His example of being a thoughtful, caring father is what I remember most about him. These men, and many others, made contributions as fathers that supersede all their other accomplishments.

Of the living, Barack Obama is a shining light of fatherhood whether you agree with his politics or not.

I thought it fitting to examine some those things about being a good father that are so necessary and noble. What are things you remember that would resonate in the commandment to “honour thy father and thy mother” (Exodus 20:12)? What is so powerful that it lasts long after we are gone?

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