Trust me?

Finance Minister Chris Sinckler delivered the Budget and Estimates to an anxious nation wondering what drastic measures could be effectively applied to turn things around?

Key phrases such as “institute a sequence of managed structural adjustments and reforms”, “until global growth and recovery is evident, an 18-month programme of fiscal adjustments and specific growth initiatives will have to be implemented to pull our economy around, stabilize and grow the international reserves and create new jobs through major private and public investment” and finally, the theme is of BGDS 2013-2020 is “Adjustment, Reform, Recovery and Sustainability”. Continue reading


Just enough to get by


In these times of economic distress, we hear many calls for: “all hands on deck”, “shoulders to the wheel”, “bring your A game” and exhortations of that order. Everyone is being asked to dig deep and think of the common good. Why is this necessary? Continue reading


THIS WEEK we will look at the initial stage in Organisation Renewal: Diagnosis and Enrollment.

Formal Corporate Meeting RoomThe process begins with an executive orientation where they are briefed and coached on what they must do to ensure the integrity of the process.  At this orientation, they also help to plan and approve the implementation.

Next, they must communicate the need for everyone’s cooperation and commitment as a keystone for success.  Stakeholders such as suppliers, sponsors, investors, governments and families of employees Continue reading

Into the Promised Land

joshua and calebI have just been reading chapters 13 & 14 in the book of Numbers. It’s an intriguing story of the Israelites’ first encounter with the Promised Land. Twelve people, the elite of their various tribes, were sent out examine the land, its people, food, fortifications and the like. After 40 days, they reported back to the entire assembly. Ten of the twelve gave various reasons why they thought it would be impossible to enter and conquer the land as God had promised. Continue reading

Personal Power Tools


Observe – Describe – Disclose

An antidote to ass/u/me (making an ass out of you and me).

MP900382971The problem with making assumptions is that it leads to errors and mistakes. Far too many people make assumptions and the result of this is that people are not in the habit of observing.

They get into talking about what should have happened, what did not happen, what they would have done, and what went wrong. They have low skills in observing what actually did happen. Continue reading

ORGANISATION Renewal: Change with a difference

MP900385962WHEN it is time to make change, most of the people who will be affected by it – know it.  While the need to change is continuous, there are circumstances that signal a need for drastic, immediate change.

Here are some of the symptoms: Continue reading

“You Really Oughta Wanna”


This week I have heard the Prime Minister and the Leader of Government Business in the Senate emphasize the importance of increasing productivity. They exhorted members of the public service in particular, to “pull their weight” and “be punctual”.

MC910216326This certainly recognizes a perennial performance issue that is generally characterized as low productivity. Recent reports commissioned by NISE and the Barbados government and others conclude that: a large segment of the population don’t want a job and that a large percentage of workers in the public and private sector are disconnected from their jobs.  Consequently, the cost of doing business in Barbados is so high it has an adverse effect on our competitiveness.

The title of this article is taken from the subtitle of a book written in 1984 by Robert F. Mager and Peter Pipe, called “Analyzing Performance Problems”. It is still in print and still relevant. The point is that the laudable words of exhortation by government leaders cannot, by themselves, lead to improved performance. Continue reading

DNA of a High Potential Entrepreneur

Smiling African American businessmanWith all the talk espousing the development of entrepreneurs as a “silver bullet” to rescue our stricken economy, I wonder how many of us can objectively identify the characteristics of persons likely to succeed as entrepreneurs? If you were interviewing candidates for the hypothetical position of entrepreneur, what criteria would you use to assess and compare them? If you were contemplating whether or not to make a conscious commitment to entrepreneurship, how would you know if that is a realistic pursuit? Continue reading

Team Barbados

Basketball shotLately, I have been immersed in the playoff games in the National Basketball Association (NBA).  Of the thirty teams who began the season, all but eight have been eliminated. With each ensuing level, the competition becomes fiercer and those with elite skills must also bring stamina, focus and a tenacity of purpose. 

Only a few of the teams in the league had a realistic chance to compete for the championship so they occupied themselves with trying to build gradually toward a higher level of competitiveness. Continue reading