Take the ones who are ready, others will follow later

performanceIt has been said that most efforts to implement change do not succeed. The most common reason falls into a large category known as “resistance to change”. In my experience, it is probably more accurate to say that change seldom turns out the way we expect. After all, each of us has experienced countless changes that affect our lives, mostly by things outside our immediate control. Yet from infancy, we seem hardwired to say “no”.

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THIS WEEK we will look at the initial stage in Organisation Renewal: Diagnosis and Enrollment.

Formal Corporate Meeting RoomThe process begins with an executive orientation where they are briefed and coached on what they must do to ensure the integrity of the process.  At this orientation, they also help to plan and approve the implementation.

Next, they must communicate the need for everyone’s cooperation and commitment as a keystone for success.  Stakeholders such as suppliers, sponsors, investors, governments and families of employees Continue reading

ORGANISATION Renewal: Change with a difference

MP900385962WHEN it is time to make change, most of the people who will be affected by it – know it.  While the need to change is continuous, there are circumstances that signal a need for drastic, immediate change.

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