barbados map flagThe purpose of nation-building is to: “inculcate a feeling of belonging and with it, accountability and responsible behaviour.” (National Planning Commission, Republic of South Africa). At the time this statement was fashioned, Nelson Mandela held the reins of government. South Africa was returning from an abyss of deadly strife and everyone had apprehensions about the future.

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We can do it!

we can make itUnited States President, Barack Obama is well-known as an inspirational speaker and leader. His State of the Union message, delivered on January 28th, received global media coverage. The consensus is that this was another inspirational tour de force, not just for Americans but many others who have been undergoing hard times.

It doesn’t matter that there are differences about the policies, programmes and political agenda; at one point or another, your heart was stirred Continue reading

Can you spare some change?

By Dennis Strong, CMC

It hit like a bombshell, when Barbados’ Central Bank Governor announced that a $450 million reduction in expenditures is needed immediately. These cuts are necessary to offset the declining international foreign exchange reserves.

These declines so threaten the exchange rate, that it could cause the devaluation of Barbados’ currency. An anchored exchange rate provides benefits that have long been taken for granted. According to the Central Bank, it protects the real value of national savings, provides a currency stability that acts as an incentive for investment and provides evidence of Government’s commitment to fiscal consolidation.loose change

Suddenly, persons who would have thought of themselves as protected by ensconced positions, perks and pensions, recognize they are now vulnerable. Traditionally, in Barbados, there have been persons who can “make a call” to a well-placed crony to obtain fast action or forestall discomfort; they can no longer do so, as people “break for themselves”.

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