The gift of gratitude

 gratitude 2As I write this article, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. It signals a time to pause and reflect on the need to express love and think about those, who to us, deserve our love. It is an act of gratitude. Never mind the fact that it has become commercialized and there are some prescribed rituals, which if not displayed, can cause disappointment.

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Recognizing emotional needs


3d green tick

Communication is the lubricant in everything we seek to achieve. Successful communication is characterized by collaboration on mutually beneficial outcomes. Leadership, service excellence and human development are key endeavours that are currently struggling with communication breakdowns.
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Personal Power Tools


Observe – Describe – Disclose

An antidote to ass/u/me (making an ass out of you and me).

MP900382971The problem with making assumptions is that it leads to errors and mistakes. Far too many people make assumptions and the result of this is that people are not in the habit of observing.

They get into talking about what should have happened, what did not happen, what they would have done, and what went wrong. They have low skills in observing what actually did happen. Continue reading