A perception of risk

riskDue diligence and risk management are business terms that have come into popular use. Due diligence is to exercise a certain standard of care before concluding a deal. That exercise should include an examination of factors that could have an adverse effect on desired outcomes. Typically, an effort is made to minimize risk.

Everywhere in the world people are planning and seeking a path toward an ideal future. Continue reading


A Matter of Age and Stage

assessmentRecently, I completed a psychometric assessment to review the current state of my talent and motivation in areas vital to business success. These areas are: Thought, Influence, Adaptability and Delivery. The last time I was assessed on the same instrument three years ago, my responses and scores were significantly different. As I discussed these differences during a feedback session, it became apparent that my perspective was heavily shaped by the circumstances of my life and my practice at the time of assessment. Continue reading


THIS WEEK we will look at the initial stage in Organisation Renewal: Diagnosis and Enrollment.

Formal Corporate Meeting RoomThe process begins with an executive orientation where they are briefed and coached on what they must do to ensure the integrity of the process.  At this orientation, they also help to plan and approve the implementation.

Next, they must communicate the need for everyone’s cooperation and commitment as a keystone for success.  Stakeholders such as suppliers, sponsors, investors, governments and families of employees Continue reading

ORGANISATION Renewal: Change with a difference

MP900385962WHEN it is time to make change, most of the people who will be affected by it – know it.  While the need to change is continuous, there are circumstances that signal a need for drastic, immediate change.

Here are some of the symptoms: Continue reading

DNA of a High Potential Entrepreneur

Smiling African American businessmanWith all the talk espousing the development of entrepreneurs as a “silver bullet” to rescue our stricken economy, I wonder how many of us can objectively identify the characteristics of persons likely to succeed as entrepreneurs? If you were interviewing candidates for the hypothetical position of entrepreneur, what criteria would you use to assess and compare them? If you were contemplating whether or not to make a conscious commitment to entrepreneurship, how would you know if that is a realistic pursuit? Continue reading