barbados map flagThe purpose of nation-building is to: “inculcate a feeling of belonging and with it, accountability and responsible behaviour.” (National Planning Commission, Republic of South Africa). At the time this statement was fashioned, Nelson Mandela held the reins of government. South Africa was returning from an abyss of deadly strife and everyone had apprehensions about the future.

While none would claim a perfect outcome, there is no denying that the declaration of intent made a positive impact on South Africa and the world. A key point of emphasis is Continue reading


Have a Nice Day

How can you tell when you have had a good day?

Instinctively, each of us hopes for many good days in our lives but seldom stop and take notice when they occur.

Daisies on whiteI have just had another good day and as I began to recount what made it so, it struck me how important it is to have a positive frame of mind. It began with a recognition that being alive in Barbados, is something I could not have imagined when I was struggling to establish a good life. I thought of the various people who sought and received my assistance and the fact that I am valued enough to attract these requests. I thought of the convergence of so many resources that have been put at my disposal because the thrust of my work is deemed to have merit. I thank God that I am able to see challenges and obstacles as necessary components to my development into a fully human person. Each of these reflections gave rise to specific occasions to rejoice.

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