Preparing for change

preparing for changeAs the year closes, many people are talking about change. Not just the normal “new year resolutions” that tend to be a review of what remains from last year’s promises but changes that are being imposed. In Barbados, there is a growing group of persons who fall into this category. Beyond those in the public service who are on notice of job reductions, there is the ripple effect that occurs when money stops circulating. Continue reading


A time for joy

presentsChristmas is a time filled with giving and sharing. Those who can, gather their families and friends close to them and obtain warmth from these encounters. It has also become a time of commerce and over-indulgence in our hedonistic inclinations. Continue reading

The ultimate marketing strategy

barbadosIt’s that season again. The time when the air is filled with discussions related to tourism. These include the concessions granted to Sandals, the partial reopening of Almond Resort, projections on the trend in visitor arrivals, the likelihood of the Four Seasons revival and how our tourism marketing approach needs to change.

I am particularly intrigued by the Continue reading

A perception of risk

riskDue diligence and risk management are business terms that have come into popular use. Due diligence is to exercise a certain standard of care before concluding a deal. That exercise should include an examination of factors that could have an adverse effect on desired outcomes. Typically, an effort is made to minimize risk.

Everywhere in the world people are planning and seeking a path toward an ideal future. Continue reading

Recognizing emotional needs


3d green tick

Communication is the lubricant in everything we seek to achieve. Successful communication is characterized by collaboration on mutually beneficial outcomes. Leadership, service excellence and human development are key endeavours that are currently struggling with communication breakdowns.
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